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Why Your At-Home Wax Doesn’t Give You In-Salon Results

Waxing at home has such appeal, doesn’t it? It’s really nice to do it exactly when you want to! And, of course, you save money. But unfortunately, that’s where the advantages end.

Convenience store brands are not high quality waxes. They may contain natural substances, but check the labels carefully. Many also contain parabens and artificial fragrances, which have been linked to cancer. And, if you have sensitive skin, these substances can aggravate it.

One of the greatest benefits of in-salon waxing is its combined strength and gentleness. Salon waxes are high quality, and much easier to work with. They contain strong natural waxes with antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil that protect against infection.

Non-salon waxes are also easy to work with, but due to the quality, their effectiveness is limited. It may take several applications (ouch!) to remove hair, which of course, means more irritation.

Professional waxes are less irritating. They grip the hair more effectively.

But there’s an even bigger reason why salon waxing is more successful than convenience store waxing–training! It may seem like waxing would be easy enough to do on your own, but there really is an art to it!

That’s why training is just the start of a waxing education. Waxing is all about technique and experience. The more you wax the better your technique gets. Our technicians have considerable experience.

There is no “learning on the job,” which is what your money buys when you do it at home. Not too mention the mess! Waxing schools teach students how to properly handle wax with minimum fuss.

At home, you’ll spend more money to correct your mistakes! Is it really worth it?

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