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Why You Might Need A New Hair Dryer

Who doesn’t want their hair to have that “I just left the salon” look every single day?

The right dryer for your hair type is just as important as your shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Together, they help you achieve salon hair sleekness.

Let’s start with the wattage.

• For fine or damaged hair, use a lower wattage, 1000 watts or less is best to minimize heat damage. Thick or coarse hair will require more power, usually between 1800 to 1900 watts.

• Ionic dryers are a great choice for fine hair, coating it with negative ions, neutralizing positive charges that cause fine hair to fly. Fine hair will also lie more smoothly. But don’t over dry or hair can lose body and become too flat.

• Ceramic and tourmaline dryer. This dryer is best for thick or coarse hair. It gives off more heat to straighten hair, while the tourmaline promotes shiny hair. For curly hair, look for a diffuser to maintain body.

If your hair is hard to set or you have fine hair, make sure your dryer has a cool shot to lock in styling.

Variable heat is a good idea for ALL hair. Switch to lower heat once hair is mostly dry to finish styling. Got questions? Just ask us. We’re here to help!

Source: ehow.com/dailyglow.com

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