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Why Hair Turns Greasy

Why  Hair Turns Greasy By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292
Okay, so you wake up and notice that your hair has become increasingly greasy, especially near the roots.  It’s so oily that you need to wash your hair every day.
Yes, oily hair is so frustrating! Looking at the greasy strands make you want to scream.  You’ve tried a handful of products and yet nothing seems to work.
A number of factors such as genetic predisposition, the weather, or even hormones can be the culprit behind excessively greasy hair. Oil, or sebum, is generally solid at room temperature, but it starts to melt at body temperature. That’s why hair is greasiest at the roots.
The good thing is, there are ways to combat greasy hair and scalp. Here are a few suggestions:
– Shampoo hair by lathering hair at the roots and work your way to the tips.  Do this step gently so that you don’t roughen up your hair’s cuticle layer. Do not forget to wash the top and back of your head.
– Massage your scalp.  Treat yourself to a scalp massage as you shampoo to remove dirt and grimy residue. A scalp massage promotes circulation as well.
– Enrich your diet with vitamins A & D. These two vitamins specifically have been shown to reduce the production of sebum. You do need to be careful with the amount, so check with your dermatologist first!
– Use styling products formulated for oily hair. When choosing styling products, go for lightweight products because they don’t weigh the hair down or make it look greasy.
Why  Hair Turns Greasy By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292