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What You Should Know About Depilatories Before You Use Them

It happens to all of us at one time or another. Time slips up on you and suddenly you realize you forgot to make your waxing appointment.

You might hate shaving so you do the next best thing, reach for a depilatory. We’d like to encourage you to shave instead. Depilatories are a quick fix with harsh side effects.

Yes, they do dissolve the hair fast, but not effectively. That’s why the hair comes back so quickly. In fact, the effects of a depilatory only last a little longer than shaving!

At least with shaving you won’t get:

• A possible allergic reaction (especially if your skin is sensitive)
• Rash
• Redness
• Severe Irritation
• Skin discoloration

And then there is the nagging question of inhaling all those chemicals. If they are strong enough to burn and discolor your skin, what happens when you breathe them?

Shave. Then call us and set up your next waxing appointment.

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