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What To Ask Before Getting A Perm

1. Can you handle a perm?

Be 100% honest and upfront with your stylist about any and all hair colouring, highlighting, or texture services you’ve done on your hair in the past. Even if you had highlights and you’ve since covered them up with an all over colour months ago, it’s important that your stylist is aware. The perm solution she chooses will be based on your honesty, and the final result will vary greatly if you’re keeping skeletons in your closet.

2. What are your goals?

Show your stylist photos and ask if the results are achievable with a perm. Be specific. Do not assume that your stylist knows what you’re talking about when you say “wavy”, “curly”, or “body”. We all define these terms a bit differently. Also keep in mind that it’s hard to tell if pictures online are the result of a perm, natural wave, extensions, or a curling iron. Perhaps it’s a combination. Ask your stylist to help you understand the difference and if a perm is the right solution for you, or if you just need some curling tips to achieve the results you seek.

3. What is your stylist’s level of experience, success, and comfort with performing a perm service?

Your stylist’s expertise at doing perms plays a huge factor to your hair’s end result. Make sure you ask how much experience she has had with perming.

Source: womenshair.about.com

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