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What Makes Your Hair Soft And Shiny?

What Makes Your Hair Soft And Shiny? By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292
In a word, keratin! This heavy-duty protein can make your hair look rich and touchable, or dry and brittle.
The reason? Keratin is on the front lines everyday, battling it out with over-coloring, perming, teasing, styling products, using a flat iron or curling iron regularly, and even just brushing your hair! Those everyday beauty staples deplete the keratin in your hair.
That’s why we recommend getting deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair soft, shiny and resilient. It’s very simple and safe.
This quick-shot treatment instantly infuses dry, brittle hair with a heaping helping of what your hair craves most. Immediately, keratin begins to repair the damage and flaws, increasing shine and reducing frizz.
And remember, just like you, your hair needs a break! So put if up in a ponytail or use fun accessories to tie it back on “rest” days, which should be at least two days a week. And don’t forget to let you hair air dry from time to time for soft waves.
Beautiful hair isn’t hard to get if you’ll just follow these simple steps!
Got questions? That’s what we’re here for. Schedule a free consult to learn more about keeping your hair shiny and beautiful every single day!
What Makes Your Hair Soft And Shiny? By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292