6/1467 Riverway Dr, Kelso QLD 4815 AUSTRALIA

Ever wished you could have all the hair treatments you ever wanted, whenever you wanted, regardless of how much money is in your purse?  Ever wanted a movie star budget to spend on all the pampering you could wish for? Of course!  Which one of us hasn’t wanted all those things? Well, soon you will be able to!

Soon The Styling Stable will be offering the opportunity to purchase fantastic value memberships to our salon! Starting at just $200, these memberships will entitle our members to HEAPS of free stuff and will be available to purchase as a gift for a loved one, or simply to spoil yourself!

There is a catch though—these memberships will be STRICTLY limited!!  So watch this space (or alternatively, watch our Facebook page). . . Memberships will be available to purchase from Tuesday 1st of July.