6/1467 Riverway Dr, Kelso QLD 4815 AUSTRALIA

 A strong weather system has hit the Kelso region this week.

People have been BLOWN AWAY and their STYLE CUT lawns are now in desperate need of some CONDITIONING TREATMENT.  The Damage from the storm has left an ALL OVER COLOUR of varied debris.

A man was lucky when a mattress flew above him, lightly grazing his head. He described the  sensation as a “TINGLING SCALP MASSAGE”.

Two people were arrested as they attempted to enter their dwelling against police orders. Apparently they were trying to recover their 8 FOILS. On arrest the man said he had to go back in to BLOW DRY his carpet which had been wet during the storm.  The woman arrested  claimed her damaged house need a STYLING LESSON.

Emergency SERVICES in the area were worth over $320, but a spokesman said for a limited time these were available for only $99.

Locals should be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by the service at The Styling Stable 

  • Style cut – valued  at $50
  • All-over colour  – valued at $102
  • 8 Foils – valued at $41.50
  • Conditioning Treatment – valued at $27
  • Tingling scalp massage – valued at $15
  • Blow dry and style – valued at $41.25
  • Hairstyling lesson (so you can recreate your new style easily at home) – valued at $45

All this. . . for only $99!

This offer is only available for the first 27 Bookings!    

So book your appointment right now.

Be BLOWN AWAY. . . .or it’s FREE!