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Simple Solutions for Healthy, Manageable Hair

Simple Solutions for Healthy, Manageable Hair By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292
Want to have healthy, manageable hair? Here are very simple steps for you to follow.
Get regular haircuts.  If you want to your hair in tip-top shape, go get a haircut  every 6 to 8 weeks.  Your hair will look great as it grows.
Condition regularly. When we say you must condition your hair regularly, we are thinking of salon quality lightweight conditioners and deep conditioning treatments.  These wonderful products have ingredients that penetrate your hair shaft, improving hair texture, strength, and shine.
Deal with product buildup. To avoid limp and dull-looking hair, refrain from using  too many hair products on our hair.  Pick a few items that work best for your hair and ditch the rest.  And then use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to remove residue buildup that can be irritating to your scalp.
Go easy on the hair dryer. If you use a hair dryer regularly, refrain from subjecting your hair and scalp to unnecessary heat. When drying hair, high heat settings must be used  for very short periods only  and you have to adjust to a cooler setting if your hair’s almost dry. And remember, if you have dry and brittle hair,  stick to cool to warm settings to avoid causing further damage your hair.
Simple Solutions for Healthy, Manageable Hair By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292