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“Is It Safe To Colour My Hair While Pregnant?”

So your hubby tells you how beautiful you look, and you’re just trying to waddle to the nearest recliner to take the pressure off your back.

Or, you’re trying to keep your breakfast down.

Either way, he means well. With a body that’s changing daily, you can be hard on yourself. You love what’s happening on the inside, but on the outside…?

Not so much.

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. So do whatever you can to celebrate it. One treatment that makes women feel really good is getting their hair cut and coloured.

Yet, colouring their hair is the very treatment that women give up during pregnancy. For many years, it was feared that hair colour would negatively affect a woman’s growing baby.

Well, we’ve got great news. The Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS), the organization that provides information on potential reproductive risks, states that colouring your hair while pregnant is relatively safe because so few chemicals are absorbed into your system.

This is especially true if you limit colour to highlighting, lowlighting, or balayage techniques. In other words, opt out of all over colour.

Just like massage, OTIS recommendeds that you wait until the beginning of your second trimester before colouring your hair. There is one wild card, though. Because your hormones are fluctuating, the colour may not absorb as properly. The result could be lighter than expected colour, but we can colour correct.

If getting your hair coloured during pregnancy makes you feel good, talk to your doctor about it. We’ll get you through pregnancy beautifully!

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