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If you’ve got curls and think it’s a curse, think again! Like any hair type, it’s important to understand what it needs to look good. Take a look at how these curly haired stars make their hair work for them:

Vanessa Hudgens decided on a shoulder length cut. This works for wavy, curly, or ringlets and it doesn’t weigh down your hair. You might want to add layers to frame your face. They keep your curls bouncy, not heavy.

• Keep it shiny! Zoe Saldana finishes her style with hair oil. Since curly hair tends to be dry, hair oil nourishes it, adding incredible shine that includes more manageability.

• Use your hair as an accessory! Going for an updo? Let curls cascade around your face. Here Sarah Hyland shows us how this style softens facial features and looks so flattering.

• Take a cue from Charllze Theron. Get a chin-skimming bob for even more manageability. This unstructured style is a close cousin of the beachy waves look. Sexy and easy to manage, it’s an unbeatable combination!

Source: www.dailymakeover.com

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