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How To Prevent Split Ends

How To Prevent Split Ends By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292
We all have to deal with split ends from time to time.  And once you have them, there’s no fixing them. And because our hair looks flat and feels coarse and jagged at the edges,  each day feels like a bad hair day.
But it is not the end of the world. We can prevent split ends. And we achieve this by keeping our hair strong and healthy. Here’s how:
– Get regular trims. This is the best way to prevent hair from splitting at the ends. Most stylists would recommend getting a trim every six weeks to prevent breakage.
– Use heat protectant spray. One of the most common cause of split ends is the constant use of heat styling tools because they tend dry out your hair.  If the occasional use of hairdryer or straightening iron is unavoidable, remember to spritz your hair with heat protectant spray before heat styling.
– Deep condition regularly.  If you are having problems with split ends, prevent further hair damage by ensuring that you are giving your strands the moisture that it needs. Daily shampooing can strip hair of its natural oils so deep condition your hair once a week to replenish any lost moisture.
– Go easy on harsh chemical treatments.  Chemical treatments such as colouring, perming, relaxing, and hair straightening can damage hair and eventually cause split ends. To prevent further damage, give your hair a rest from all chemical processing from time to time.
– Incorporate fats, proteins, and vitamins in your diet. To keep hair healthy and shiny, consume food rich in omega-3 fatty aids, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and antioxidants.
How To Prevent Split Ends By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292