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How To Get The Right Hairstyle For Your Facial Shape

“I really like her look,” the woman said, pointing to a picture of Katie Holmes’s 2008 bob. “Can I do that?”

A good stylist will listen carefully to that question, look at your face and run his or her fingers through your hair.

You might call it our way of processing the question. To get a great cut that’s also the right look, a stylist has two considerations right off:

– Your face shape
– The texture of your hair

A beautifully cut head of hair is still a disaster if it does not work with your natural features!

The rule of thumb in balancing any facial shape is to try to achieve an oval shape, which is the most pleasing to the human eye.

Our passion is putting the perfect frame around your face to balance and bring out your best features. That means long faces need shortening, wide faces need lengthening and so on.

Then there is the texture of your hair. Is it coarse? Fine? Medium? Wiry? Or is it thin? Thick? Curly? Or straight? These are all critical factors in giving you the perfect cut and style for your face and your lifestyle.

Most importantly, as much as we all love fashion, don’t let it dominate your choice of hairstyles. Keira Knightley certainly hasn’t. She took a bold step from long, sleek hair to a short 1920’s bob!

There are so many great styles. We have no doubt that there is a look that was made just for you!