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How To Get Beautiful Curls

If you’re looking for big, bouncy curls or lots of wave Bohemian-style, there is a trick to it.

The first place you start is in the shower! Use a shampoo and conditioner designed to enhance waves.

If your hair is naturally straight, follow with a curling mousse to promote body and wave. If you already have some natural wave or curl, use a moisturiser followed by a curl booster.

For straight-haired girls, run your fingers through it and move the dryer all around your head—not smoothing it out—but maintaining as much body as possible.

For curlier hair, use a diffuser to bring out as much natural curl as possible.

Choose the curling iron size for the look you want. Divide hair into sections, starting in the back.

Spray each section with a light hold hair spray.

Hold the curling iron vertically and wind the hair around the iron (like a ribbon around a stick). Hold for a few seconds and release.

Follow with a light finishing spray to hold waves. For those who already have some natural wave, use a curling iron to smooth out frizzy sections or to enhance those areas that need a bit more wave or curl.

It’s official. You rock curls and style!