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FAQ’s About Going Blonde

FAQ’s About Going Blonde

1. Do I really need a UV protection spray for my blonde hair?
Absolutely! Blonde hair, whether it’s salon colored or natural, is the most vulnerable of all hair colors. The sun can easily penetrate the hair shaft because it has so little color, or melanin, and that means excessive damage.

2. I’ve suddenly got a green tinge to my blonde hair and I use shampoo formulated for blonde hair. What happened?
You may have a higher degree of copper in your tap water. That will certainly turn your blonde locks a lovely shade of green. To counteract it, use an acidic rinse to remedy the situation: 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water. Or, an aspirin dissolved in water will work as well.

3. I’ve got platinum hair and it now has a yellow tinge to it. What’s wrong?
To keep platinum hair from turning yellow, you must use a shampoo specifically designed for blonde hair. It will neutralize the unwanted yellow tones, leaving your beautiful hair color in tact.

4. How often should I deep condition my blonde hair?
Blonde locks need extra attention. The coloring process strips hair of color and moisture. That’s why deep conditioning is essential for moisture replacement. Consider at-home deep conditioning treatments twice weekly followed by monthly in-salon treatments for soft, manageable, shiny locks.

5. I want to make my hair more blonde but I don’t want it to look unnatural. Can I do that?
Absolutely! Don’t go any lighter than two shades from its current color. Do consider the color of your eyebrows when making your hair color choice. If the color of your brows is extremely different, your hair color will look artificial. Your colorist will guide you with this.

6. My hair is bleached brown, but I’d like to go blonde. How long will it take to get it to the blonde color I want?
We don’t recommend bleaching over hair that’s already been bleached. It can lead to surprising and unwanted colorations. It’s also really hard on your hair! We say, wait awhile.

7. Does it matter what shampoo I use on my blonde hair?
When you use a shampoo that isn’t formulated for blonde hair, it will turn your hair yellow and brassy. Always use a purple or blue shampoo. These colors are the opposite color to yellow on the color wheel. They will keep your hair color bright and beautiful.

8. I’ve got dark hair and want to dye it blonde. Can you do that in one appointment?
We can, but we don’t recommend it. Traditional bleaching, which lightens your hair at least 3 levels at one time, is the method to use. However, it’s very hard on your hair. Foiling, on the other hand, is much kinder. It takes a few treatments to get to the level of blonde you want, but you’ll have healthier hair!

9. How will I know what shade of blonde looks best on me?
You’ll want a shade that flatters your skin tone and features. So, you’ll need to determine whether you have warm or cool tones. Cool tones look best in blue-based, cool colors. Warmer skin tones look best in golden hues. We can help you with this!

10. I am going gray and have considered a blonde shade to cover it. Is this a good idea?
It’s an excellent option! Lighter colors penetrate the gray more evenly than darker colors. They also provide a more natural look with less contrast when roots begin to grow out.

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