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Does Your Hair Need A Makeover? By The Styling Stable Call Us On 07 4789 2292

A lot of us have been a victim to this at one point in our lives. We get so attached to our hairdo that we overlook that it’s already out of style.

But what if you like your current hairstyle? You find it fits your busy life and it’s easy to maintain.

Don’t despair. Changing your look doesn’t mean a drastic hair cut. Think colour!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if it’s time to consider an updated look:

  • How long have you had your current hairstyle?
  • Does your current colour work with your hairstyle?
  • When you updated your cut last time, did you consider a colour change?
  • What’s stopping you from taking the plunge?

Most of the time, we’re just afraid to make the change – no matter how much we trust our stylist. But if that’s what’s holding you back, then take baby steps.

You can change the cut slightly. You can add fringe or shorten the length about a couple of inches. You can also colour just one shade darker or lighter from where you are now.

Remember, the point of making a hair change is to keep you feeling good about yourself. Sometimes, we get so comfortable with a particular style the thought of changing it seems unthinkable.

Just take it slow. Change doesn’t have to be drastic to be effective.

Does Your Hair Need A Makeover? – Call Us On 07 4789 2292