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Love them or shun them, you have to admit celebrities showcase the latest in fashion and hair trends. We look at them and say, “Hmmm…I could wear that!”

With that in mind, here are some trendsetters in the hair highlight department. Take a look and see if you’re ready to take any of these looks home with you!

Kate Beckinsale added gold highlights to her beautiful brunette locks. The look compliments her skin tone, makes her eyes pop, and really adds dimension to her hair.

Look what highlights did for Elizabeth Olsen! A class act, Elizabeth has a soft brunette color. (That’s code for mousy!) But her stylist was smart. Instead of adding platinum highlights, he opted for caramel hues. No brassiness here, just a lot of warmth that complements her skin tone perfectly.

Emma Roberts rocks her locks with Balayage highlights. A “paint your hair” treatment, the result is more natural than foiling. Other celebrities that love this look are Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel.

All three of these looks are beautiful, aren’t they? And they can easily be adapted to your own style. Ready when you are!

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