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How To Clean Your Heat Styling Tools

Truth or dare time…When was the last time you cleaned your styling tools? Uh-huh. And when was the last time you complained that your flat iron just wasn’t as effective as it used to be? See where we’re going with this? Even though cleaning your styling tools isn’t...

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Your Scalp Can Get Sunburned Too

One of the most overlooked areas when thinking about getting sunburned is the scalp. Sad to say, even the scalp is susceptible to skin cancer. Here are a couple of tips on how to protect your crown from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear a cap. Every time you’re going...

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How To Recover From A Bad Haircut

You go into the salon, sit on the stylist’s chair, excited for that haircut you’ve seen in a magazine. But then you see the end result, and it’s nothing like what you wanted. What do you do? It is very infuriating to see your beloved locks chopped away to a disaster....

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Why Twice Is Nice

Have you ever wondered why, when you get a facial, your aesthetician cleanses your skin twice? No, it’s not necessarily a special method for skin care. However, it is an excellent practice for getting and keeping good skin. This is especially true at night. Think...

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