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Anti-Aging Treatments For Your Hair

Anti-Aging Treatments For Your Hair

Wrinkles…sagging…and large pores, oh my! Yes, every woman worth her salt frets over skin. And no wonder. Your skin broadcasts to the world to very important facts: how old you are and how old you look.

But have you travelled a little higher up on your head lately? The condition of your hair can either add years or defy them. Board certified hair restoration physician, Alan Bauman, M.D., agrees.

Dr. Bauman says there are three behaviors that can change to make your hair look younger and healthier.

Here they are:

1. Poor nutrition — Step away from the candy dish right now! Junk food does nothing to properly feed your hair or your skin. Add salmon, which is loaded with omega-3 fatty acid, dark green vegetables, and nuts, a good source of zinc, for healthy, shiny hair.

2. Overwashing your hair — Overwashing strips your hair of oils, contributing to dryness and split ends. Seriously, you don’t have to have squeaky clean hair every single day.

3. Too many ponytails/hair extensions — Both of these are good in moderation, but too much of a good thing can lead to hair damage! For hair extensions, let your stylist be your guide. She won’t steer you wrong. For ponytails, yes, they are easy, just not 4-5 times a week.

There’s no point in having young looking skin if your hair is dry and frizzy! To balance the effects of everyday styling, we recommend using hair oil and a deep conditioning treatment weekly for soft, sexy locks.

Exercise, sensible eating, and great care of your hair will keep you looking and feeling younger. Who doesn’t want that?

Source: www.glamour.com

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